Paula Cullison

Have Passport - Will Travel


Journey Through the Emerald Isle

The 'Luck of the Irish' was with us throughout our two-week trip. We were off to a good start with several months of planning and help from the Irish Cultural Center in Phoenix where I also did some basic genealogy work on my husband's maternal side. 



By our standard, just about everything is more expensive in Scandinavia. For example, a woman’s haircut averaged about $75 and a glass of beer was $8. 

Australia & New Zealand

Beautiful scenery and friendly people abound in the land Down Under, as local writer Paula G. Cullison discovers during her travels.

Italy - La Dolce Vita

Whether you are drawn to Italy to experience the antiquities of Rome, the Renaissance art of Florence, the exuberance of Venice, the tranquility of the Lake Districts, or the majesty of the Dolomites, Italy's sweet life is certain to take hold of you.


After much research on traveling to Alaska and speaking with friends who had taken trips to America's Last Frontier, the decision to see Alaska via a cruise ship was an easy one

Culinary Travels in Europe

The call to travel and revisit certain key cities in Europe tugged at me, especially since it was coupled with visions of French pastries, Dutch Masters, Belgian lace and chocolate, and German Wine.

Japan - the land of Traditions, Temples, Tea, and Tatami Mats. 

When Flight 069 on Japan Airlines departed from LAX on time, I realized that the rest of our two-week trip would have a sense of regularity about it.

New Mexico - The Land of Enchantment

The Land of Enchantment beckoned us, since it had been quite some time since our last trip there. 

To Cuba with Love

With the upcoming lift of the embargo to end the blockade and the possibility of direct flights, more US tourists will seek to experience Cuba. But be prepared, keep an open mind and brush up on your Spanish.


Taking a French for Travelers class at a local community college proved to be very helpful. Armed with new knowledge and a guidebook, I was ready for a new adventure...

Bruges, Belgium - a delightful journey awaits you

I know that mentioning Belgium to anyone evokes visions of delicate fine lace, decadent yet delicious chocolate, delightful waffles with whipped cream had strawberries, an extensive variety of great beer, and charming cities.

Munich to Prague

Visiting fairytale castles, reaching mountain highs, strolling in the alluring Tyrolean Alps, enjoying fantastic art, music and culture, sipping unique beers and eating delicious apple strudel along the way from Munich, through Austria, into Budapest and onto Prague, made for a glorious month.

NYC on $550 a day for two

As a native New Yorker who has been a desert dweller in the Land of Arizona since 1974. I need a NYC fix every once in a while.

Spain and Portugal

It has been thirty years since my last trip to Spain, so I thought that it was about time to return. I decided to include Portugal since I had never been there.

Sicily - Study Italian

This summer I had the opportunity to study in three different cities in Sicily at three different language schools: Babilonia in Taormina; i Fiori Blu di Sicilia in Agrigento; Scuola Virgilio in Trapani.

Sicily - Villa Vita

There is no greater thrill when traveling than that of connecting with relatives. 

Experience Turkey 

A Land of Exotic Delights

Remains of the old fortress at the top of the hill, you can catch a view of the Black Sea, which is guarded by the Turkish Military.

Peru - Land of the Incas

LIke many others, I too have had a desire to visit Peru and experience Machu Picchu.

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