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Sicily: In Search of Family Finding Your Italian Heritage

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Paula in Sicily with her new found family and in front of her father's home

There is no greater thrill when traveling than that of connecting with relatives. Not only does one gain a better sense of one's family, but the ties that bind become stronger. Having done extensive search on my Italian roots in Sicily, I was able to meet with relatives on my mother's side (in Caltatfimi, Sicily near Trapani) and my father's side (in Racalmuto, Sicily near Agrigento). I was able to locate

the house where my father was born on Via Roma 36 and see the record of his birth in the big book at the City Hall (Comunale). I found my "long lost" relatives very welcoming. None of them spoke English, so it was important that I have some knowledge of the language before heading on my seventh voyage to La Bella Italia. I encourage you to search your roots and applaud Gina Ruggiero of Villa Vita for focusing on this important effort. Do allow yourself enough time to fully

appreciate the homeland. I spent one month in Sicily making contacts and studying Italian. It was an awesome trip.

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