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ASU Poly Photo Exhibit

by James Gilmore

To Cuba With Love

Travel Photography Exhibition


by Paula G. Cullison

Travel Tips for the Independent Traveler / Be Your Own Travel Guide

Traveling is one of the things that we all wish we could do more. How many times have you daydreamed of your perfect vacation, or a place to move to?

Journey through the Emerald Isle

Paula's recent trip to Ireland gave her a sense of the magnificent beauty of the land and the strong character of its people. See the photography exhibit. 

International Travel Photography Exhibitions

Travel Article

    Paula G. Cullison, long time Moon Valley resident, is currently presenting her Have Passport - Will Travel international photography exhibit at the ASU Downtown Campus Library - The Vault Gallery. The show has been extended (from June) through the end of December.

    Paula will be presenting a talk on International Travel Tips at the Desert Foothills Library on School House Road in Cave Creek on Thursday, November 13th from 2-3pm. 

    On Saturday, November 15th from 10am - 3pm, Paula will be one of the featured local authors at the Scottsdale Public Library - Civic Center Her book, Daughters of the American Dream, is part of their collection. It features essays and profiles of first generation Italian-American women and is in both English and Italian. The book was published under the maiden name, Paula Giangreco.

    Paula currently serves as Vice-President of the Scottsdale Chapter of the National League of American PEN Women. 

    All of the events are free; for more information call 602-863-9744 or     e-mail

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